The Dog is Trippin (peeing in the house)

Would you just look at that little adorable face. That is our fur baby, Baya. And yes she’s just as adorable in real life as her pictures.

So adorable in fact that she thought she could start peeing in the house randomly. Randomly as in if we didn’t take her out at her “appointed” time. This started in June or July. Despite Baya being house broken for over 3 years she thought it was fine to go if it was say . .  5 minutes past the normal time we would leave for her evening or morning walk.  Oh hell no!

I was ready to grab her crate out of the attic and stuff her butt right back in there at night time and anytime we left the house. The boyfriend aka her father thought that was a little rough. In other words he wasn’t the one soaking up her urine from the carpet and/or rugs and putting down the pet odor eliminating cleaner every time she peed. I WAS! He did it maybe once or twice. (Rant over)

Nature’s Miracle brand did a great job of cleaning up the urine and also eliminating the smell. There is nothing worse than that lingering odor of dog urine and you are doing your best to get rid of it. What I appreciate about the product is I can use it on laundry (bathroom rugs etc) then throw it in the wash.

I don’t reward bad behavior so first her freedom was taken away. I don’t mean she was locked away constantly, but when we left the house she was no longer allowed to roam freely. She was confined to the hallway with the help of a baby gate. At night she was also confined to the hallway but had access to walk in and out of our room. All other doors were closed. When WE were ready to walk her in the mornings then she was let out.


Over the course of two weeks this reinforcement of a form of crate training really reinforced her house training. I am pleased to report there have been no more incidents and Baya is no longer getting the side eye. Lesson learned here is if your dog starts peeing in the house for seemingly no reason (your vet has ruled out any medical issues) then just go back to the basics. Crate training for a couple of weeks or a month to get them back into the routine of holding their bladder should help. When the behavior has been corrected then no more need for the crate. Sometimes a helpful reminder or a come to Jesus moment is all they need.



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