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Tuesday Thought: What is Wealth?

I feel as though living in the capitalist society that we do most people equate wealth with material goods. Be that as it may, I believe wealth can come in all types of abundances. Time, food, energy, etc. I equate having wealth as having an abundance of something. Tangible or not. Wealth doesn’t automatically equal… Continue reading Tuesday Thought: What is Wealth?

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Merry Christmas (and a last minute gift idea)

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have a joyous holiday with your families and that your new year is full of happiness and good cheer. My living room alone is filled with cheer. Hey if you are that last minute gift giver never fear. . . .  for I have a solution here. Food!!… Continue reading Merry Christmas (and a last minute gift idea)

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Crochet Braids Install (Easy Peasy)

Excuse me while I briefly proceed to change your whole life! Your whole styling your natural hair life. We’ve all been there, sitting for 6,7,8 hours to get box braids installed. You absolutely love the fabulous style but not the time it takes to get it done. What if I told you that you could… Continue reading Crochet Braids Install (Easy Peasy)

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The Dog is Trippin (peeing in the house)

Would you just look at that little adorable face. That is our fur baby, Baya. And yes she’s just as adorable in real life as her pictures. So adorable in fact that she thought she could start peeing in the house randomly. Randomly as in if we didn’t take her out at her “appointed” time.… Continue reading The Dog is Trippin (peeing in the house)