Fitness: Reality vs. Expectation

Hello beautiful people and Happy New Year!

I hope life is treating you well and your 2017 is off to a fantastic start. I have amazing news to share . . . I started a new job and IT IS PERMANENT with benefits and errythang! The weight that has been lifted off my shoulders with this goal realized is nothing short of miraculous. I thank the good Lord everyday for this blessing. Also I feel like I now have the mental capacity to actually think about exercise and how I can benefit from it.

I already know I’m like most of you out there. We have the very best intentions of working out on a now regular basis even though we haven’t even thought about executing a single burpee, let alone a lunge in the last six months. Oh and we so know that losing weight and sculpting our bodies is pretty much 80% diet and 20% fitness. Yet that drive thru looked really good on the way home Monday night because you forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer on Sunday night. We’re going to eat delicious, nutritious meals that fuel our bodies and help us lose weight.

Oh I’ve been there, hell I’m here right now. And without adequate planning and discipline I’m going to stay here and that is not where I want to be. So how do we turn our expectation of making fitness a permanent habit in our life instead of continuing our current out of shape reality. WE PUT IN WORK!

Personally for me I know this means drastically cutting down on eating out. I love going out to eat but my waistline and wallet need a break so I am cooking more at home now. I can also control my portions this way. It goes such a long way. I also do my very best to meal prep on Saturdays. Not only do I have my weekly menu prepared I also cook the majority of those meals on Saturday so all I have to do is heat the food during the week.

I’ve also found a 6 week fitness plan to follow which I’ve pinned on my pinterest. I’m starting in on Monday 1/16/2017. Next week’s blog will have a quick update about how its going. Pray for me. Go ahead and try it and please update me on your progress. Oh and yes there will be setbacks, there will be days where you don’t work out, there will be days when you don’t eat right. SO WHAT! Don’t beat yourself up because as long as you reset the following day and continue towards your goal then YOU WILL accomplish it.

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