A Beautiful Little Trip

Let me tell you about a little gem of a vacation that we stumbled upon. Back in January of 2015 I expressed to the boyfriend that it would be awesome to go on a little trip for my birthday. I decided on the mountains and he was in charge of the trip.

What he ended up finding was the most beautiful little cabin, nestled in the Nantahala forest, of the Great Smokey Mountains. We spent 5 days there and it was perfect.The only items we had to bring besides our luggage was food. Everything else was provided: kitchen appliances, towels, washer & dryer, etc. But hands down my favorite two features were the hot tub and the gas fireplace. The cabin smelled of pine and it was divine. Don’t laugh just let me have my moment. Just look at the pictures y’all! Look at the pictures!!

We loved that trip so much that we decided to go back and invite some friends along. So again in January of 2016 the four of us went to the mountains and had a gorgeous two bedroom cabin with a game room. And yes there was a hot tub at this cabin as well! Thank the Lawd. It even snowed, small and delicate little flakes that blew around as we enjoyed ourselves in that lovely hot tub.

And be forewarned some cabins offer WiFi but some don’t. So if you truly want to unplug those cabins can be the perfect option. If you are eager for more information, which I’m sure you are, the cabin rental agency we went through is Carolina Mountain Vacations. Spring and summer are their busier seasons but fall and winter have more vacancies.

I can’t wait to go back. Trying to make this little trip a yearly retreat.

My two cents,

Tracey xoxo

One thought on “A Beautiful Little Trip

  1. Some how I missed this blog post anywho……..I love your little cabin retreat! It looks so relaxing and the hot tub was probably such a lovely treat that you so well deserve. Hopefully one day I will be able to enjoy the Carolina mountains in one of those lovely cabins too as well.


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