Crochet Braids Install (Easy Peasy)

Excuse me while I briefly proceed to change your whole life! Your whole styling your natural hair life. We’ve all been there, sitting for 6,7,8 hours to get box braids installed. You absolutely love the fabulous style but not the time it takes to get it done. What if I told you that you could get the same results in less than half the time with crochet braids.

And the best part is that you very well can do them yourself! Yes I said YOU can do them. If I can do it then I know you can. I’m not trying to be cliche at all, I am not one of those phenomenal women on YouTube that does amazing hair tutorials. So believe me when I had the confidence to actually try this style myself after watching said tutorials and it turned out gorgeous I was over the moon.

Installing crochet braids breaks down into two basic steps.

  1. Cornrow your hair.
  2. Install crochet braids.

This video is great at explaining what braid pattern to do. I kept it simple and did 10 cornrows in the front to my crown and then combined them to make 5 bigger cornrows in the back. Once all of your hair is braided and the ends are weaved in then you’re ready to start the install.

  1. Take your crochet latch and a single braid.
  2. Open up the loop at the top of the braid.
  3. Insert the closed latch under your cornrow.
  4. Open that latch and add the braid before closing.
  5. Pull braid under cornrow and through.
  6. Remove latch and insert end piece of braid through the loop, pull to tighten.

Your first braid is installed! Now repeat until your head is covered. To keep the back of you head from being bulky install fewer braids, but enough so there are no patches in your style.

*The hair is light but I had to use six packs to cover my entire head and I had the long jumbo twist. I’d do this style again in winter instead of summer because it was a LOT of hair on my neck. I’ll stick to shorter braids in the summer.*

My two cents! xo


2 thoughts on “Crochet Braids Install (Easy Peasy)

    1. Thank you! It took me a couple of years to get the hang of cornrowing my own hair. But if you can get someone to cornrow for you then all you have to do is install.


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